Hi, I'm Matt.

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Quick Introduction

Let's pretend we met at a party and you asked me to tell you a little about myself.

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My Work

I work at Georgia Tech's Center for 21st Century Universities as Director of Digital Learning Technologies.

I'm passionate about technology-enhanced learning and user-centered design. For over ten years I've designed, developed, and delivered a wide variety of learning experiences.

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My Life

I live in Atlanta, GA with my brilliant wife and daughter. I play guitar, watch baseball, ride bikes, and dig in the dirt.

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My Skills

  • instructional design
  • educational technologies
  • product management
  • UX research
  • project management
  • content development
  • consultation
  • facilitation
  • front-end development
  • game design theory

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Articles and Presentations

Would you like to see a few things I've written or spoken about?

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Reskilling the Workforce

This piece provides an overview of our work to address the need for a seamless connection between higher ed and employers to fill the skills gap. Read it here.

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Adapting Vertical Scale to Horizontal

This chapter provides insight into two specific technological tools that adapt solutions for vertical scaling and how these tools can be scaled across many classes. Read it here.

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Next-Generation Credentialing

This post proposes that we should simplify and automate much of the credentialing process while also more clearly communicating a student’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Read it here.

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An Ecosystem of Platforms

This articles argues that educators’ time is better spent pushing our existing learning platforms to adhere to interoperability standards, rather than pushing them to excel in all functional areas and pedagogical approaches. Read it here.

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Higher Ed's Triple Threat

This post reflects on the alliterative "triple threat" faced by higher education: affordability, accessibility, and achievement. Read it here.

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Conference Presentations

  • 2021 NTSA iFEST, Virtual
  • 2021 Analysis of Higher Education Seminar Series, Virtual
  • 2020 NICE Conference, Virtual
  • 2020 CanvasCon, Virtual
  • 2020 IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit, Atlanta, GA
  • 2019 WCET, Denver, CO
  • 2019 Affordable Degrees at Scale, Atlanta, GA
  • 2019 Online Learning Consortium - Innovate, Denver, CO
  • 2018 InteractUSG, Athens, GA
  • 2016 Online Learning Consortium - Accelerate, Orlando, FL
  • 2015 Faculty Teaching Colloquium, Austin, TX
  • 2014 Elearning Guild Online Forums, Webinar
  • 2013 mLearning Devcon, San Jose, CA
  • 2012 Elearning Devcon, Salt Lake City, UT

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Professional Experiences

I've had a lot of cool jobs. Here are a few highlights.

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The Center for 21st Century Universities is Georgia Tech's living laboratory for fundamental change in higher education. I worked on a variety of projects, including:

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UT Austin - Center for Teaching and Learning

At the University of Texas, I focused on the design and development of online learning experiences. My projects included:

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Enspire creates custom learning solutions for (mostly) corporate clients. As Creative Director at Enspire, I led a team of instructional designers, game designers, and writers. My projects included:

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Academic Experiences

Although they don't reflect everything I've learned, here are a few credentials I've earned.

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M.Ed. Instructional Technology

In 2005, I earned a Master's in Instructional Technology from the University of Georgia with a focus in:

  • instructional design and development
  • media design
  • research methods

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B.S.Ed. Business Education

In 2000, I earned a Bachelor's in Business Education from the University of Georgia with a focus in:

  • pedagogical strategies
  • business technologies
  • educational psychology

Here's my resume, in case you missed that link earlier. Otherwise, head any direction to continue exploring...


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